Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial Management (EM) has emerged within the past decades as an important focus for business students, academicians, and practitioners across the country.  Entrepreneurial hopefuls require an appropriate course of study to prepare for an environment defined by change.  Clark Atlanta University’s EM program offers a uniquely tailored curriculum aligned with the traditional MBA curriculum, but also includes case studies of diverse entrepreneurs, innovation, and enterprise. 
The program will provide the education and training in the basic core values and skills necessary to compete effectively as a business owner in today’s economic environment, and to facilitate the development of a wealth-creating class
Subject  CBUS 380, 3 credits 
Title  Entrepreneurial Thinking
Description Focuses on all aspects of starting a business: selecting promising ideas, initiating new ventures and obtaining initial financing. Examines analysis of procedures necessary for developing or acquiring a major management and equity position in a new or existing business venture. Concentrates on how ventures are begun, how venture ideas and other key ingredients for start-ups are derived, and how to evaluate new venture proposals. Explores business plandevelopment.
Subject  CBUS 381, 3 credits 
Title  Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
Description Students will learn that the most difficult part of launching a new enterprise is financing. Various financing options will be discussed and explored. Special emphasis will be placed on nontraditional and emerging financing techniques emerging on the internet.
Subject  CBUS 382, 3 credits 
Title  Marketing the Entrepreneurial Venture
Description Students will explore the various options available to market their venture. Emphasis will be placed on the use of low-cost and not cost strategies and tactics. Use of technology and social media will be reinforced and evaluated.
Subject  CBUS 481, 3 credits
Title  Entrepreneurial Practicum
Description This course seeks to immerse the student in real life experiences of an entrepreneur. Each student will be expected to spend 6-8 weeks interning in a small business in order to better hone their understanding of being an entrepreneur and the challenges that each faces. Afterwards, the student will utilize the knowledge learned to complete his/her Business Plan.
Subject  CBUS 482, 3 credits 
Title  Business Law for Entrepreneurs
Description This course seeks to immerse the student in legal issues related to entrepreneurs. It will take students through the various stages of starting a business from start-up and growth to an initial public offering. It will highlight the legal preparations and pitfalls that go along with them.
Subject  CBUS 484, 3 credits 
Title  Small Business Management
Description This course takes the student through the conceptual idea phase to opening and operating the business. Students will examine the process of new-business creation, including idea development, opportunity identification, market feasibility and financial challenges for new ventures. The student will learn how to create business plan. The class may include individual and/or team business plan competition. There will be a group of professionals along with the Professor, who will grade the plans at the end of the course.